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Virtual tour shows off Veteran's Memorial Park

Researchers from Georgia Tech are using the latest in digital design technology help bring to life a piece of American history.

A group of researchers and students from the IMAGINE Lab at Georgia Tech's College of Architecture have been selected for the design and 3D visualization concept for the Veterans Memorial Park, near Randy Poynter Lake.

The computer-designed visualization models would provide pedestrian-scale fly-overs and walk-throughs of future design concepts for the memorial park grounds, structures and landscaping. The Georgia Tech team is now heading into more finalized phases of the visualization project.

"We're in the beginning stage of the project," said Larry Kaiser, Program Manager for the Veterans Memorial Park Project. "We're about one month in of this four-month project."

Georgia Tech presented the first phase of the visualization project, which included 3D computer renderings, to the Board of Directors of the Foundation on July 5. The second phase presentation is scheduled for Aug. 23. The final presentation is scheduled to be held on Oct. 4.

"[The visualization] will be used for marketing and advertising," Kaiser said. "It will be used to raise funding for the park and for future additions and concepts."

The Foundation received their first round of funding in 2000 with a congressional earmark, and smaller subsequent construction and additions to the park have been funded by federal funding. According to the Foundation, it is estimated that between $15-20 million will be required to complete the remaining phases of construction. The private sector is anticipated to provide the majority of the remaining funding the project with the possibility of additional federal funds based on private sector involvement.

The Veterans Memorial Park, currently a work-in-progress, is a 12 acre site located near Randy Poynter Lake in northern Rockdale County. The park incorporates a memorial called "Walk of Heroes," which aims to educate people about the price of armed conflicts and memorializing members of the armed forces who have given their lives in the line of duty.