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VIDEO: State School Superintendent Forum, April 4

The Covington News and Newton Conservative Liberty Alliance, a local conservative group, are hosting the final of their three primary forums, this one for the crowded state school superintendent seat, at 7 p.m., tonight at Peachtree Academy’s Covington campus, 14101 U.S. Highway 278.

Out of the 15 candidates seeking the seat, six have confirmed they’ll be at tonights forum, including Republicans Mark Kay Bacallao, Ashley Bell, Nancy Jester, Kira Willis and Richard Woods and Democrat Denise Freeman.

The candidates who won’t be attending include Republicans Mike Buck, Allen Fort and T. Fitz Johnson and Democrats Sharyl Dawes, Tarnisha Dent, Jurita Mays, Alisha Morgan, Rita Robinzine and Valarie Wilson.

The event is being sponsored by Peachtree Academy, which is allowing its facility to be used for free, and Square Perk Café. The forum will take place in Peachtree Academy’s gymnasium behind the school’s front building on the east side.

The forum will be moderated by Peachtree Academy founder JaNice Van Ness, Alex Johnson, an Atlanta attorney and GOP activist, and Trey Ragsdale, a political activist and healthcare industry professional.