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Vandals hit Crusade Dominion Church
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 Satanic and pornographic-themed graffiti was found on the front window of Crusade Dominion Church, 1604 Hwy 138, early Sunday morning, according to a Conyers Police Department report.

 A church member found the graffiti, which included the word "Satan", the numbers "666" and a drawing of what appeared to be a penis. The graffiti appeared to have been drawn on the building with shoe polish and was able to be scratched off.

"It wasn’t anything elaborate; it looked like it took 10 seconds to do," Chief David Cathcart said. "It looked like, I’m just guessing, someone just trying to be pain. It wasn’t like it was well thought out and creative and decorative. Maybe just payback."

A CPD officer photographed the graffiti and advised the church member that he could remove the graffiti. The CPD has no suspects at this time.

Cathcart said the police department is vigilant about getting graffiti removed as soon as it is found to discourage others to follow suit.

"We are adamant about getting that stuff removed; we inform management about it right away," he said. "If we allow that to stay, then more gets added on top of that, then the next thing know the whole area becomes a big target for graffiti. That tends to run property down quickly."

Cathcart said he hasn’t heard of any other churches being vandalized by graffiti.