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This past week we heard a presentation on the USO at the weekly meeting of the Conyers Rotary.
The presenter, a retired West Point Graduate and volunteer for the Georgia branch of the USO, brought back memories of the late Bob Hope, who every year put together a troupe of entertainers and traveled to the far flung parts of the world in order to provide some welcome relief for our troops.
The USO - Support Our Troops is very active in Georgia. It is especially helpful in welcoming our troops back home through our major airports.
The USO is not funded by the government and depends on money donated by folks like our readers.
You can help support the efforts of the Georgia USO either by offering your time as a volunteer or by giving a donation. You can reach the Georgia USO by calling 404-761-8061.
A member of the Conyers Rotary, Don Lewis told us he had fond memories that in WWII his Mom often invited soldiers in to enjoy Sunday dinner with the family.
You might not be able to that, but you can take a few minutes to either welcome a soldier home or just to say thanks for volunteering to protect us and our families 24-7.
While you are doing that, if you happen upon a Vietnam veteran tell him thanks. We are sure that when they came home from an unpopular war, no body bothered to tell them they were appreciated.
To every one of our Vietnam veterans, Thank you and God bless you for your service. Please support the Georgia USO.