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UPDATE: Three shot at Fieldstone Country Walk home
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UPDATE (May 16, 4:14 p.m.) According to sheriff's office reports, the persons injured by gunshot were a 41-year-old female and a 43-year-old male from Conyers, and a 20-year-old male from Decatur. The 20-year-old male and 41-year-old woman were flown by helicopter and the 43-year-old male was taken by ambulance.

Shortly after 10:30 p.m. on May 15, there was a knock on the door of 2786 Country Court Apartment C.

The 41-year-old woman asked who was at the door, and a person outside answered it was "Little Man."

The woman reportedly recognized the name and opened the door. According to reports, that's when three men rushed into the house and told her to get on the floor. They then rushed into the bedroom and the woman reportedly heard gunfire exchanged. She told deputies "We got one of them," but did not explain who was "them."

Another woman in the house reportedly told deputies she was there to pick up her children. Upon hearing the the person at the door, she reportedly gathered the children into the bathroom. She told deputies she did not see anything but heard a man yell "get on the ground" and heard gun shots and people running.

Residents in the surrounding attached townhomes also told deputies they did not see or hear anything and refused to make statements.


(May 16, 10:56 a.m.) Three people were injured, two critically, in the shooting Sunday night at the County Walk portion of the Fieldstone subdivision.

One adult male was reportedly shot in the face and flown to Atlanta Medical Center, according to emergency responders. An adult female, reportedly in stable condition, was shot in the pelvis and also flown to Atlanta Medical Center.

A third victim, an adult male, was shot and transported by ambulance to Atlanta Medical Center.



(May 16, 9:11 a.m.) (AP) A shooting Sunday night at the Country Walk apartment complex left at least two people critically wounded.

Rockdale County Sheriff's spokesperson Sgt. Jodi Shupe said the shootings occurred Sunday. A resident of the complex called 911 and when deputies arrived, they found one person shot in the face and another shot in the back.

Investigators say they believe the shooting began as a home invasion, possibly a robbery. No arrests have been made.