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Truck catches on fire outside Moe's restaurant
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A Stockbridge man who stopped for lunch at the Moe's in Conyers heard something else besides the restaurant's traditional greeting when his truck, loaded with freon, caught on fire Thursday.

Thomas Meeks was getting ready to enjoy a hot meal at Moe’s on the corner of Flat Shoals Road and Ga. Highway 138 around noon when he heard someone yell, “A truck is on fire!”

Customers inside Moe’s said they first heard a loud explosion. They rushed outside and saw flames engulfing the truck.

Meeks hurried outside to discover flames shooting out of the bed of his 2005 Ford F150. He ran to the truck and grabbed a cardboard box off the bed as well as a few other items.

“The box had freon in it and I know that stuff catches on fire so I wanted to get it off,” Meeks explained. He didn’t suffer any injuries.

There were a couple Conyers police officers inside having lunch at the time and they grabbed a fire extinguisher and attempted to douse the blaze. Some of the flames were put out but the rest had to wait on the fire trucks, which arrived shortly after.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, according to firefighters at the scene.

Meeks believes his insurance will take care of the damage, but he’s simply grateful for his life. “I did borrow that ladder from a buddy of mine, and now it’s ruined, but at least I’m alive."

"And that truck was an ’05 so I think now is perfect time for a new one,” he added, jokingly.