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Troopers cite bus driver in crash

The Georgia State Patrol has cited Gloria Inscore, the Newton County school bus driver that crashed into a fellow school bus Tuesday, for following too closely.

According to the GSP’s crash report, Inscore, a 55-year-old Covington resident, was traveling north on Ga. Highway 162.

A second school bus, driven by Rhonda Wilson, was stopped on Ga. 162 to allow a child to exit the bus.

“Vehicle 1 (Inscore’s bus) failed to slow and struck vehicle 2 in the rear bumper with the front bumper of vehicle 1. (The) area of impact was in the northbound lane of Ga. 162. Prior to impact, vehicle 1 skid for approximately 29 feet. After impact, vehicle 1 and vehicle 2 came to an uncontrolled final rest partially in the northbound and southbound lanes of Ga. 162,” according to the GSP’s accident report.

The vehicles were inspected Wednesday by the Motor Carrier Compliance Division of the Georgia Department of Public Safety. The inspection “found that the brakes were within the proper specifications and measurements. Officer (J.) Pearson found that the brakes on vehicle 1 were working properly at the time of the crash.”