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Trio caught for theft spree of car rims
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The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO) received a call Saturday and Sunday morning from different residents related to car wheels being stolen off of their vehicles in relatively the same area.

Around 3:18 a.m. Monday, deputies arrested two suspects they believe to have been involved with both incidents, says RCSO spokesperson Cpl. Michael Camp.  

According to a deputy report, Marcus Robinson, 35, and Antonio Savery, 27, were arrested after the RCSO received a call about someone attempting to “steal the rims” off a vehicle in the neighborhood. The caller also described two white vans driving around the neighborhood, one of which dropped someone off. 

When police arrived to the neighborhood, they proceeded to the scene, located in 2600 block of Crest Valley Dr., and, prior to getting to the location, they spotted a white GMC Yukon. Robinson, a Lithonia, Ga. resident, and Savery, a Stockbridge, Ga. resident, were inside the vehicle. Deputies also found two four-way lug wrenches on the floor of the vehicle. 

“I asked the driver (Marcus) Robinson where was he coming from,” the deputy wrote in the report. “Mr. Robinson said that he just dropped a girl off down the street. I asked him where down the street and he did not know.”

Deputies discovered both Robinson and Savery were wanted out of DeKalb County, Robinson for a theft by receiving charge and Savery for failure to appear in court for a drug-related charge, and arrested them. 

A third suspect was spotted running away from the scene where the theft was reported to have been occurring.  Also by the theft area, deputies found a white GMC Safari and two rims taken off a Cadillac Escalade lying on the ground, says Camp. 

A search perimeter was set up by deputies, but as they were doing that, the two apprehended suspect’s cellphones “was ringing a lot,” according to the report.

“The subject displayed the name NINO on the phone. After numerous calls I answered the phone that belonged to Savery,” wrote the deputy. “The person on the phone said, ‘Where y’all at, I’m running (through) the woods.’ The suspect NINO said that, ‘The police was there.’ I told the suspect that, ‘I was the police and to give up.’”

The suspect instantly disconnected the phone call. 

Several hours later, the third suspect was found after a civilian noticed a disheveled man walking along the side of Ga. Hwy 212, says Camp. 

“He had several lacerations to his face,” he said. 

When deputies finally caught up the suspect, medical examiners told them he needed emergency surgey for his eye. The suspect, who’s identity is being withheld until he’s official charged, was transported to an Atlanta-area hospital, says Camp. 

Robinson and Savery and being held in the Rockdale County Jail, with bonds set at $30,000 each. They’re both being charged with theft by taking and possession of tools in commission of a crime, both felonies. 

If they post bond, subsequently, they will be transported to DeKalb County’s jail to face their charges in that district.

While the duo, and soon to be trio, are being charged for this incident, the RCSO investigators are still trying link the suspects to the two thefts that occurred over the weekend.  Camp says the “factory rims” of a Cadillac Escalade and Chevrolet Suburban were reported taken. 

The total value of the stolen car parts is estimated to be worth $2,000 to $4,000.

Camp says that there’s a “high probability” that these were the culprits of the weekend crimes because the RCSO hasn’t received any similar calls since the three men were taken into custody. 

“It’s amazing,” he said. “The calls stop as soon as they were arrested.”