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Traffic signal synchronization, more biking/walking options in works
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Rockdale County has established a Complete Streets Policy, aimed at accomodating walking and biking, and has begun synchronizing traffic signals.

The Rockdale County Department of Transportation (RDOT)'s new policy requires that every new transportation project or improvement accommodate as many modes of transportation within reason of the design area. These accommodations can include street lighting, sidewalks, bike facilities, transit amenities, safe crossing and addressing connectivity issues.

RDOT, in compliance with the Georgia Department of Transportation's Regional Traffic Operations Program (RTOP), has also begun synchronizing existing traffic signals and placing new synchronized signals to ease roadway congestion and reduce idling times. This synchronization can result in an estimated annual savings of nearly $1.3 million for fuel and emissions in the county, according to a released county statement.

Both measures have been implemented as part of the Sigman Road projects, including the addition of a multi-use trail and sidewalk on Sigman Road and the addition of two synchronized signals, one at Sigman Road at Gees Mill Road and the other at Sigman Road/Salem Road at Old Covington Road intersection.

For more information about the Complete Streets Policy or traffic signal synchronization, contact the Department of Transportation at 770-278-7200.