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To the moon and back
moon paddle

If you mom is a little more adventurous, then the New Moon Kayak Tour might be the place to go this weekend. My mother would tip us both over into the lake, but your mom might be more coordinated. If so, this sounds like an amazing idea. Take a ranger-led tour of Lake Rutledge and relax while watching the stars. The ranger told me that the new moon lets you see the stars better, so that should sweeten the deal, and it’s not jungle hot outside yet, so it should be nice to listen to crickets and not the swarm of mosquitos just yet. The ranger will also point out constellations and planets that you can see during the new moon. You’ll win major points with mom, and probably get to be the favorite kid for the rest of the year, if you can give her the stars for Mother’s Day. Call and reserve your spot, this awesome event isn’t going to stay open forever.

Price: $15 per person, $5 per vehicle for parking

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