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Tips on having a good first day
Come to orientation night. (see "Open House" list) This will allow you to get a feel for the expectations, the upcoming curriculum and how to get the most out of your child’s education.

Provide enough school supplies. Even if you can’t afford everything on the school’s required supply list, provide enough to get through the first couple of days. Events such as "Praise in the Park" on July 25 at 1400 Parker Road and the Back to School Block Party in the Covington Square on July 26 will provide some free school supplies.•

Get enough sleep. Parents should start moving their children back to a school-night routine and sleep schedule as the first day of school approaches, so that it won’t be so hard to wake up on the first day of school.

Make sure you have everything laid out the night before. Lay out clothes, school supplies, book bags, lunch or lunch monies.•

Make sure to provide lunch for the first week, at least. Even if the student was on free and reduced lunch the year before, the student is not automatically resigned up and parents will need to apply again. There might be a waiting period and the parents will need to provide lunch during that time.

Be on time. Being late throws everything off and the student gets to school frazzled on their first day.•

Verify bus pickup and dropoff routes and times. For younger, and even older children, try to have someone there to monitor the child’s departure and arrival on the school bus. For the first 10 days, the child will not be allowed to get off at a different stop or route without a special transportation request, which needs approval. Give updated contact information. If the contact information provided at registration has changed, make sure to give the updated information to the school so you can be reached in case of emergency. If the student has moved from one school to another, notify the old school, which will still be looking for the student and will still have the student’s records such as medical information and testing data. '

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