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Thoughts from the publisher
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Your new newspaper, The Rockdale News, will contain news and features on people, places, and events, which makes life in Rockdale County great. We will not use wire stories, or cover events in other counties or cities, unless it pertains to the future development and growth of Rockdale County. We encourage you to send your club news and church happenings to us so that we can include them in our Resource section.

Every Saturday morning, The Rockdale News will be delivered to selected communities in the Rockdale/Conyers area and will
be sold in area stores and mailed by request.

We picked Saturday is so that you can begin your weekend by learning about the news, sports, and events that both happened over
the preceding week and are going to happen in the near future.

In each edition, we will have local editorials, opinion, and columnists. Your letters and opinions are always welcome anytime. We
encourage letters to the editor on any issue and we will make every effort to run them all. That said however, we feel strongly that
anonymous letters or comments do not have a place in our news culture and organization. Our editorial board is currently comprised
of our editor and the publisher. We hope to expend this in the near future, and if you have interest in please contact us.

We are a can do organization, and will make every effort to ensure you are a partner in your community newspaper. I personally believe that a newspaper has a heart and it gains its energy from the community it serves. I also believe that no one ever
owns a community newspaper — the people that operate it and manage it are only shepherds. There are of course good shepherds
and there are bad ones, and we are going to try our best to see to it that you will feel we were good shepherds of your newspaper,
The Rockdale News.

In addition to the newspaper, the paper’s website,, also is now live and online. It is our intuition to keep
this site up to date throughout the week, so please check it often for the latest breaking news in Rockdale County.

Stop by and see us. We are located at 974 Klondike Court, SW, Ste. 101, Conyers. Our phone number is 770-483-3455, and my e-mail is

I am personally looking forward to your comments and suggestions, and thank you for having us in your home.