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Theft arrest leads to possible drug arrest
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A traffic stop for shoplifting led to an arrest after a deputy found stolen checks, pieces of jewelry, clothing with the tags still on it and "numerous needles."

Conyers residents Alexis Cathcart, Tyler Nelson and Mark Kelly were pulled over on Aug. 28 after a clerk at Flash Foods Gas Station on Highway 138 called the sheriff's office said a white female in a pink tank top tried to shoplift from her store, according to reports.

According to reports, she "was acting very strange as she walked around the store and that she carried a Georgia Bulldog Purse to the back of the store and started filling it with merchandise." The clerk told Cathcart to put her purse down as she tried to leave, and she did and left the store.

The Flash Foods clerk followed the party outside and called 911 saying a black Chevrolet Colorado was heading south on Stanton Road toward Honey Creek.

A sheriff's deputy pulled over the vehicle on Blue Bird Lane, where, according to reports, he located numerous checks belonging to another person. Two of the checks were not filled out but three were to a party who did not know they were taken.

According to reports, the checks were allegedly taken when Cathcart was at the victim's residence from 2:30 a.m. until 9 a.m. Cathcart and another girl were asked to leave the residence due to "prior drug history."

According to reports, the owner of the residence also said she was missing a Brighton necklace and a Brighton bracelet.

The deputy arrested the three suspects in the car from the alleged Flash Foods robbery and placed the vehicle in an investigative hold, according to reports, "due to the fact that I was not aware of the possible stolen items at the time I arrested them and the jewelry may possibly be in the vehicle or in Ms. Catchart's purse at the jail."

The report also had a note to investigators that, "if a
search of the vehicle is conducted, use extreme caution because numerous needles were located throughout the truck."