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The final run-off election candidates
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Voters who voted in with a Democratic ballot in the primary election on July 20 will be issued a Democratic ballot for the runoff election. Similarly, voters who voted Republican in the primary election will be issued Republican ballots for the runoff. Voters who did not vote in the primary election or those who cast a nonpartisan ballot may choose to vote in either party for the runoff election.
On the Democratic ballot, there are three races available. For Secretary of State, the candidates are Gail Buckner and Georganna Sinkfield. For Georgia State Representative for the 95th District, the candidates are the incumbent Toney Collins and Pam Dickerson. For Georgia State Representative for the 94th District, the candidates are Dar'Shun Kendrick and Rhonda Peek.
On the Republican ballot, there are five races available. For the Governor race, the candidates are Nathan Deal and Karen Handel. For Public Service Commissioner, the candidates are John Douglas and Tim Echols. For Attorney General, the candidates are Sam Olens and Preston Smith. For the State Senate position from the 17th District, the candidates are Todd Hilton and Rick Jeffares. For the Commissioner of Insurance, the candidates are Ralph Hudgens and Maria Sheffield.
There's one more opportunity for voters to make their choices before November's general election as the primary process concludes this week.
Three races that affect Rockdale County will be put to a runoff vote Tuesday to decide who will advance to the general election. The runoff is a result of no candidate receiving 50 percent or more of the vote from the July 20 primary in their respective race.
Dar'Shun N. Kendrick who received 35.7 percent of the vote and Rhonda Peek who received 27.4 percent are in the runoff for State Representative, District 94 Democrats. Toney Collins (43.1 percent) and Pam Dickerson (33.5 percent) are the two candidates in the race for State Representative, District 95 Democrats for Tuesday's runoff. The final runoff election is for State Senate, District 17 Republicans, between Rick Jeffares (42.7 percent) and Todd Hilton (32.2 percent).
Candidates have refocused on getting their names back out into the public, and getting their voters back to the polls.
"In the primary I knew there would be a runoff and I felt I would be one of the two in the runoff and anything could happen," Jeffares said. "If there is a poor turnout, it will be wide open, so we're trying to get everybody out to vote one more time."
Kendrick is also doing all she can to get everyone back to the polls, including working on endorsements. The State Rep., District 94 Democrat who finished atop the primary, picked up an endorsement from Andrew Bostic, who received 13.8 percent of the vote in the primary and finished fourth out of the four Democrat candidates.
Kendrick's opponent in the runoff, Peek, said she will continue what she has been doing up to the primary.
"Pretty much my whole campaign has been grass root," Peek said. "It's been grass roots, friends and neighbors going door to door.
"I wanted to see the voters."
While Kendrick received the endorsement, Peek feels she can offer the voters an advantage due to experience.
"I think our views are totally different," Peek said. "I think what really sets us apart is some of the things she believes in. She has a lot of endorsements from outside the district, and I want to know what she's promised them."
Voters also have to choose between Hilton and Jeffares for the Republican representative for State Senate, District 17.
"I'm hoping people vote on the issues of education," Hilton said. "That's a major concern, and I'm the best candidate for the job."