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Teen arrested with knife during game
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A 16-year old was arrested with a knife after being tased at the Rockdale County vs. Heritage football game on Thursday night.

As Conyers Police were patrolling the concourse area above the bleachers at Rockdale County High School, an officer approached a crowd of people. According to reports, after the crowd dispersed two young males remained, saying there was nowhere to sit.

After the officer pointed out several open seats, one of the males responded, "Ya'll need to get up out of my face." According to reports, the officer then took hold of the subjects arm and informed him he would be leaving the game.

The subject, not a Rockdale County student, however, after pulling his arm away once, did so again and began running west across the top of the bleacher area.

During the chase, the officer deployed his Taser, and according to reports, fired the probes for the automatic five second burst, and then pulled the trigger again for another five second burst. The taser had little effect due to hitting his jeans and not going through to the skin, and the chase continued until another male tackled him on the concrete.

The man who stopped the pursuit disappeared into the bleachers as the officer was placing the chase suspect into custody.

While searching the suspect, the officer "located a folding pocket knife inside his left rear pocket. The blade was reportedly 3 ¼ inches in length.

The 16-year old male was transported to Rockdale Medical Center for evaluation and then transported to Gainesville YDC.