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Teen arrested with handgun, pot and knife
Arrest made during investigation into shot fired at house party
Reshad McCier

A Conyers teen was arrested Tuesday after he was found, during a separate investigation into a house party shooting, to be carrying raw marijuana and a stolen handgun.

Reshad Ivan McCier, 18, was charged with two counts of aggravated assault against an officer, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, carrying a concealed weapon, and and violation of Georgia controlled substances act.

On Tuesday, Feb. 1, during a follow-up investigation of an incident from Friday, Jan. 28, where a shot was fired at a house, a young male who identified himself as Reshad McCier reportedly answered the door and said he was housesitting.

The deputy recognized the name from an incident where a gun was reported stolen from McCier's stepfather.

McCier said he had heard about the inicident but hadn't stolen the gun.

The deputy then noticed a handgun in the waistband of McCier's pants.

As the teen turned, the deputy grabbed hold of his shirt and the teen tried to close the door on the deputy. There was a struggle and McCier was brought to the ground but reportedly appeared to be attempting to reach the handgun. The gun was taken out of his waistband by a deputy and thrown to the side. Deputies also found a large knife in McCier's pocket, which the teen reportedly said did not belong to him.

In the bookbag McCier was carrying, deputies reportedly found 14 large plastic bags of raw marijuana, weighing just under a pound.

McCier is not a suspect in the investigation of the house party, according to crime analyst Michael Camp.


Shot fired at house during party

Rockdale County Sheriff's Office deputies received calls from multiple witnesses and neighbors about a shot fired at a house on Paces Landing Drive just after midnight on Friday, Jan. 28.

According to incident reports, a party attendee said there was a party for adutls 21 at the home and older when four young black males with pants "down to their butts" came to the door to be admitted to the party. The party host advised against admitting them, since they appeared to be under 21, and the four males left.

"When he told the boys they couldn't come in and they had to leave, he further stated there was no argument, rudeness or hassle about them," wrote the deputy in the report.

After the attendee closed the door and was standing in the foyer, "he suddenly heard a loud noise and felt something near his head, neck and shoulder area. He said that it took him a few seconds before he realized that a bullet had just come through the front door near the top and then went into the foyer wall near the ceiling."

The man then looked out the window and saw the vehicle the suspects had got into driving fast towards the front of the subdivision towards Rockbridge Road.

 Guests then began leaving the party, and according to the reports, there was confusion over how many guests were in the house and who was the true owner of the house.

No one was injured in the incident, according to the report.

The investigation into the shot fired at the house is still ongoing.