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Taxi driver robbed slightly after midnight
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A taxi driver was robbed in front of Eastmont Dr. early Monday morning after receiving a call for a pickup.

An employee of the Acapulco Taxi Service took a call at 12:20 a.m. from a male in need of a ride.

Upon arriving at the scene at 12:29 a.m., two men ran up to his vehicle, one on each side, and demanded money.

The person on the driver's side was identified as a black male, short in size, dressed in all black with his T-shirt pulled up to cover his face.

The subject pointed a hand gun at the victim and demanded money from the taxi driver, who then handed over cash.

The second subject was also dressed in all black with a T-shirt covering his face, and reached into the taxi for a cell phone.

After all the items were taken, the driver ran to a fire department across the street and contacted the police.

Both suspects fled the scene.