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Taxi driver arrested with cocaine
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A Conyers taxi driver was arrested for allegedly possessing crack cocaine while transporting a customer.

According to the Conyers Police Department, Justin Gray Berns, 40, of Conyers, a driver for the Tommy Taxi Company, was arrested at QT on Klondike Road around 4:30 a.m. Friday, April 20. According to a Conyers police report, a customer found a bag of crack cocaine in the center console while the driver was inside the store paying for gas. The customer then exited the vehicle and called 911. The customer also reported that Berns was swerving on the roadway prior to their arrival at the gas station.

Berns had returned to his vehicle when an officer responded to the scene and approached the taxi. The officer reported that Berns allegedly reached for a knife located by the center console but then exited the vehicle without incident when the officer informed Berns he would be placed at gunpoint if he refused.

A search of the vehicle revealed a bag of crack cocaine and a syringe in the center console along with a crack pipe containing cocaine located next to the parking brake. At that point Berns allegedly denied the drugs were his but was placed under arrest and transported to the jail.

According to the police report, another bag containing cocaine was found in Berns' wallet when he arrived at the jail. He was charged with one count of Possession of Cocaine, once count of Use of Drug Related Objects and one count of Crossing State/County Guardlines w/Weapons, Intoxicants.