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Suspect in attic arrested for copper theft
Treveon Milan

A quick thinking witness's call brought the arrest of two Atlanta men in a copper theft in Olde Town Conyers May 26 after one suspect was chased on foot and another found hiding in an attic.

Treveon Deandre Milan, 23, and Marcus Fanta Daniel, 26, were arrested and charged with burglary felony, theft by taking, loitering and prowling, obstruction, posession of tools for the commission of a crime, and criminal damage to property.

Conyers Police received a call shortly before 3 a.m. from witnesses who reported that they saw two black males "sneaking" around a house at 1010 North Street and throwing a bag over the fence. A tan 1992 or 1993 Buick LeSabre was reportedly backed up in the parking space of 1077 Railroad Street. One suspect was described as wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, low cut hair, and weighing around 200 pounds. Another suspect, who had reportedly been sitting in the LeSabre, was described as wearing a white shirt, shorts, and dreadlocks.

The air conditioning unit was found almost completely removed from the house at 1010 North Street, the crawl space below the house open, the door to the storage room open, a screw driver and a pipe wrench by the storage room. Later officers found pieces of copper piping in the LeSabre.

According to police reports, when the suspect in the LeSabre saw a witness on the phone, he started walking towards the witness, but fled as police arrived.

An officer spotted a tall black male wearing blue jeans, a brown or plaid shirt, short afro-style hair running from 1010 North Street and began following the male until the back of the law offices of Judge Massey, when the officer began chasing the suspect on foot. The suspect jumped a fence at a house on Peek Street and the officer lost sight of him. A K-9 unit was unable to track the suspect.

Another officer began questioning another black male with a long white T-shirt, long dreadlocks, and jeans  in the parking lot of the Rockdale County Public Schools administration building. That suspect, later identified as Treveon Milan, was reportedly out of breath and told officers he was running because he had just been in a fight with his girlfriend and had left her residence. He reportedly could not describe the location of her residence.

Milan was placed under arrest. Officers found a small blue flashlight that was still on in his pocket. A witness identified Milan as the suspect that had been sitting in the Buick LeSabre.

Police then received a call around 3:23 a.m. about a stolen vehicle at 1068 Griggs Street, described as the same vehicle used in the copper theft. The resident who called said there were two black males that she knew who were at her house earlier.  She said she had refused when they asked to borrow the car.

However, upon further questioning, she reportedly admitted she had allowed Milan and Daniel to borrow the car. She reportedly said one of the suspects had come back to the house and told her to report the vehicle as stolen and was hiding in the attic.

Officers pushed the attic door with a broom handle, found resistance and told the person in the attic to come out.

Daniel jumped down from the attic door and was put under arrest. Officers found a pair of black Nike shoes and a box cutter in the attic.

Milan and Daniel were booked into the Rockdale County jail.