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Super Dad!

Fernbank Museum is always a good idea, but on Sunday, they might be working on their best idea ever: Superhero Day! Dress as your favorite superhero - this means grownups, too - and play games, listen to kid-friendly music, do hero crafts, check out the Georgia Bubbleman (what kid doesn't LOVE bubbles?), watch some cartoons, learn how to create the perfect superhero and participate in a superhero costume contest. Come on, you can't read that without a smile on your face! Superheroes are awesome, all of the male species are all about them, and your kid AND your dad will think you are the best thing ever for taking them to this event. I could not care less about superheroes, but my kid is obsessed with the Hulk, which means when I'm forced to play "The Avengers" I have to be someone lame, like Hawkeye or Captain America. The point is, boys love this stuff, and they don't outgrow it. So make it a Father's Day your whole family will remember forever.

Price: Free-$17.50

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