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Students prepare for CRCT in creative ways
CRCT fun: Teskeiha Bowen shows off some creative CRCT brochures made by her class. - photo by Tisa S Washington/
Several Rockdale County public school students are finding creative ways to prepare for the CRCT, which is set to start Monday. Students in Teskeiha Bowen's first grade class at Barksdale Elementary School created brochures to help them get ready for big test.

This is the first year the students worked on creating brochures. Bowen said her students used the writing method to develop their projects.

"As a group, we came up with ideas on what would be most effective for them, and after that they chose three different things they felt were best for them," Bowen said.

Students then were given the chance to design their finished products. Bowen said the brochures had a two-fold purpose - they helped students focus on how they could get ready and Bowen also wanted to make sure the parents were given something visual to remind them of things they could do to help their children prepare for the test.

While the CRCT is given to all elementary school grades, success on the test is critical for students in 3rd and 5th grades. For these students, a failing grade can mean summer school or another year in the same grade.

"The CRCT is a very important test because it tests all of the skills they've learned this year," Bowen said.

The advice Bowen's students gave their classmates for preparing for the test included practicing the CRCT online, getting enough rest the night before the test and eating a healthy breakfast.

"I think they did a very good job," said Bowen. "We've been showing it on our news show so that other kids in the school could be reminded of good tips for preparing for the CRCT."