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Stepping into the past
Atlanta Cutlery Corporations open house set for Saturday, May 2
Shoppers in the market for the finest in cutlery are in for a treat. The Atlanta Cutlery Corporation is hosting its 13th annual Open House on Saturday, May 2, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Featuring swords, knightly gear, period-style clothing and World War II reproduction helmets, the Atlanta Cutlery Corporation is taking 15 percent off all showroom products, which includes weaponry and clothing, and 15 to 80 percent off overstock items, seconds and older inventory in the warehouse.
Those taking part in this year's Renaissance Fair are especially welcome to see what Atlanta Cutlery Corporation has to offer.

During the open house, a Live Action Role Playing (LARP) tournament will take place in the side yard with medieval characters of all sorts. Chick-fil-A will serve both breakfast and lunch.

"A knight will be fully armored, dressed in ‘real gear,' for effect and for photo-ops," said owner Dave Di Pietro.

Not only are the replicated weapons at Atlanta Cutler Corporation all unique, but some of the weapons are created for a unique purpose, said Di Pietro. Many weapons created at Atlanta Cutlery Corporation can be found in motion pictures.
"We have designed/made pieces for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean' 2 and 3, Showtime's series ‘The Tudors,' HBO's series ‘Rome' and several pieces for ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,'" Di Pietro.

Founded in 1972, Atlanta Cutlery Corporation first opened shop in Olde Town Conyers. It now takes residence on Old Gees Mill Road in what some people know as ‘The Castle.'

The showroom is open to the public and features modern cutting tools, antique firearms, and accurate historical reproductions. While emphasis is placed on the modern weaponry, guests do not have to walk too far to step into the past.

Atlanta Cutlery Corporation's sister company, Museum Replicas Limited, features historical weaponry and clothing, representing ancient Rome, the Crusades or the medieval era, which is perfect for those participating in this year's Renaissance Fair.

Not only is the warehouse itself unique, the quality of its products is distinct, according to Di Pietro. Each sword is made the Old World way - by blacksmiths. These blacksmiths can be found in a far corner in India where the trade is handed down from generation to generation. And the replicated clothing is hauntingly like that of the era it came from. A Union Soldier mannequin, for example, dressed in the stiff woolen uniform is one of the treasures that can be found at the museum.

A visit to the Atlanta Cutlery Corporation is a unique way to step into another world through clothing and weaponry.