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Stenciling volunteers need for storm drain project

Volunteers have been stenciling up a storm for the Rockdale County Stormwater Utility Storm Drain Stenciling Program, which keeps County waterways clean through the labeling of storm drains to prevent illegal dumping. The county is calling for more volunteers to continue the success.

Earlier this month, the volunteer efforts of 11-year-old Boy Scout Nathan Rivers and his family helped the Storm Drain Stenciling Program achieve extraordinary success. Together with Nathan's younger brother Nevan, a local Cub Scout, and other family members, they marked a total of 63 drains within a two-day period in the Oglesby Bridge area of South Rockdale.

Volunteers play a critical role in reminding the public not to dump or pour anything into drains. Participants will also learn about the dangers of stormwater pollution, and receive stenciling kits and instructions on how to label storm water drains with decals that discourage illegal dumping into stormwater drains.

Participation in the program qualifies Rockdale residents for a 5 percent Watershed Stewardship Stormwater Utility bill credit, and community service hours for the youth who participate. Civic and neighborhood groups, businesses, churches, youth groups, individuals, and families are encouraged to participate.

For more information on the Storm Drain Stenciling Program, visit To volunteer for the program, contact the Stormwater Utility at 770-278-7124 or at