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Spiritual walker Kim Denmark comes to Conyers
Kim Denmark being awarded a Key to the City of Kennesaw by Kennesaw Mayor Mark Mathews in July 2014.

At Wednesday's Conyers City Council meeting, a woman from the audience named Kim Denmark spoke at length to the council about her religious quest to walk through every U.S. state.

Clad in an orange jacket saying "Kim Denmark's Spiritual Walk Across America" on the back, she explained that she is from Dayton, Ohio, where she was an "arrogant" business person. After a religious experience, she decided to walk the country to meet and possibly help homeless veterans. She indicated she is receiving free lodging at local hotels.

"Coming to this city, I saw very little homeless, but I saw a whole lot of love," Denmark told the council.

Denmark strongly implied that she stopped in Conyers mid-walk and claimed that she has visited 16 states so far.

However, media reports from other states show Denmark making that same 16-state claim as long ago as 2009. She was in Cedartown a year ago, where she spoke to local media about a plan to create some type of center in Georgia. Her Facebook page and website at indicate that Denmark has been in Georgia at least a year and founded a recently registered nonprofit based in Decatur. She posted photos of being awarded a Key to the City by Kennesaw Mayor Mark Matthews in July 2014.

In any case, her message of selflessness and concern for the needy was well-received by the council. Mayor Randy Mills said, "You'll be in our prayers the whole walk."