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Social Circle responds to Rockdale resident's legal complaint
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Social Circle responded to the complaint made by former director of public safety Tom Fox, that he was fired for being a whistleblower. The city filed 14 defenses against the accusations, one being that Fox failed to do his job.

Tom Fox, a Rockdale resident, filed a complaint in the Superior Court of Walton County on Jan. 28. In it, Fox claimed that he discovered that “certain Social Circle firefighters were falsely, and unlawfully, attesting to the Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Counsel that they had attended certain firefighting training sessions.”

The city has denied any wrongdoing in this case. It was turned over the Athens branch of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Special Agent Jesse Maddox said in an email Tuesday that “the case is still considered open and active. A meeting with the DA is forthcoming.”

To read Social Circle’s response to Fox’s claims, click the PDF. For the original story on Fox's allegations against the city, click here.



Defendant s Answer to Complaint - File Stamped by the Court on March 18 2013