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Snow Pictures: Snow hits Rockdale
Photo by Kaelyn Leapheart - photo by Submitted by Kaelyn Leapheart

Man on the Street: Are you stocked up for the storm?

Here's the pictures you, the readers of the Rockdale News, sent to us from around the county of Sunday's snow storm.

The fluffy snow on Sunday became a thick layer of ice by Monday, turning Rockdale's roads, highways, and parking lots into one big outdoor ice-skating rink.

Police and deputies report that there have been no serious accidents since Sunday, but more people are starting to come out onto the roads on Tuesday.

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Regency Barber shop owner Alonzo Q. Hill described to the News how neighbors at Lovers Lane came together during the storm Sunday night to help around 30 cars that were struggling up or down the slippery hill. Two cars ended up unable to make it up the hill and parked in neighborhood driveways. The drivers of those cars were given a lift home - one by all terrain vehicle and one by a neighbor in a car waiting a the top of the hill. (Pictures included above)

If you have a story of people reaching out and helping one another through the snow storm, or of your harrowing experiences driving, send them to


Plus, images of grocery stores around the county on Saturday afternoon and some of the supplies that shoppers stocked up on, including sugar, paper towels, and chicken.