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Snapping Shoals awards 15 Bright Idea Grants
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Snapping Shoals EMC recently announced the winning proposals for the 2009 Snapping Shoals Bright Ideas Grants.

The 15 award-winning grants include:

• Look What's Hatching--Science, Math, and Writing (LES, fully funded)

• Can You Hear Me Now? (SHS, fully funded)

• Caught Ya! (OC, fully funded)

• Project Independent Leisure (OC, fully funded)

• LEGO Education WeDo Club (SES, 80 percent funded)

• Youth Assembly (RCHS, 80 percent funded)

• All Taped Out! (PCE, 80 percent funded)

• Providing Independent Access to Activities for Students with Physical and Severe and Profound Intellectual Disabilities (SHS, 80 percent funded)

• Field Trip to Atlanta Zoo and Cyclorama (SHS, 80 percent funded)

• Enhancing the Performing Arts through Analysis and Evaluation of Musical Performances (RCHS, 65 percent funded)

• My Daily Five (PCE, 65 percent funded)

• Enhancing Student Engagement in Science and Engineering (RMSST, 65 percent funded)

• Reading For Fluency (CMS, 65 percent funded)

• On the Edge of Space (CMS, 65 percent funded)

• Learn Smarter Not Harder (SES, 65 percent funded)

In all, 46 proposals totaling nearly $75,000 were submitted for the grants. Snapping Shoals has pleaded to continue to distribute other grant opportunities as they become available.

Tracy Knutsen, of the Rockdale County Public Schools, said the system is grateful for the generosity and support from Snapping Shoals.