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Smyrna Campmeeting kicks off June 22

People young and old will gather together in worship during the 185th annual Smyrna Presbyterian Campmeeting, June 22 through June 28.

The event, a tradition that dates back to 1827, is possibly one of the oldest and only surviving Presbyterian Campmeetings. For the 300-plus attendees, the week is a time of spiritual renewal and community reunion, emphasized through the sense of being surrounded by nature.

Many have the choice of staying in the old cabins that cover the 30-acre grounds, at the corner of Ga. Highways 138 and 212, all while being within walking distance of the pavilion-style Tabernacle. It’s this escape from the “real world” that makes this experience special.

“We feel like we’re in our own safe little world there...a little bit of heaven,” said organizer Susan Wofford.

Having spent the past 56 years of her life at every Campmeeting, Wofford has a great feel for the event and loves every aspect of it. “The Campmeeting experience is unique. It is a chance to get renewed and revived, to think about our faith, and get closer to God. We invite the community to come and join us to learn how special this experience is.”

Staff includes host pastor, Smyrna Presbyterian’s own Rev. Mike Sorrell. Guest speakers and performers include Thomas Daniel, Brad Waters, Jeremy Jones, Lanier Gable and Betty Sharp. All staff have been very active members of the church throughout their lives, and are all looking forward to aid in praise and worship during the week. There will also be various musical guests in attendance.

Opportunities for worship will be available for all ages during the week. Services are at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday morning services will have a Sunday school assembly at 9 a.m., where children and youth will be assigned to classrooms. Worship in the Tabernacle will begin at 10:30 a.m.

The first Saturday there will be a Bike Parade at 11 a.m. Everyone will be encouraged to bring items to decorate their bikes, and will then meet in the parking lot behind the manse before heading out to ride. Afternoon activities will take place Monday to Thursday starting at the ball field at 12:45 p.m.

Evenings after worship will feature nights of ice cream and watermelon and adventures such as the Raccoon Hunt, a sing-along, talent show, porch night, and the traditional Campground Candlelight Walk. 

Lunches will be provided at $3 for ages 2-10 years old, and $5 for ages 11 and older. Dinners are $4 for ages 2-10 year olds and $6 for ages 11 and older. Sunday lunch will be sponsored by the Vietnamese Mission Trip Team. American cuisine will be served and all donations will go towards the Vietnamese mission fund.

All those interested are welcome to attend. For more information, the church phone number is (770) 483-8962, and the program and schedule for the week can be found at