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Smoke clears out movie theater
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IN BRIEF: The Crossroads Carmike movie theater in Conyers was evacuated around 2:30 p.m. after smoke was spotted. Rockdale firefighters reportedly found the source of the smoke near theater nine, one of the larger theaters, from a three-phase transformer with an oil leak and damaged wires.

RCFD spokesperson Sharon Webb said, "Rockdale County Fire and Rescue contained the fire to the room and extinguished. Melted wires and burnt oil from the transformer was the extent of damage."

Brittany Carter and Carmelo Gomez of Conyers were about 30 minutes into watching "Dark Shadows" when they heard a message on the intercom. "There was smoke coming from the top of the building," she said.

Adam Hernandez and Joann Hernandez of Covington were the only ones in the theater watching "The Dictator" when they thought they heard a message but initially weren't sure if it was part of the movie or not, since the movie kept playing.

Joanne Hernandez said she could smell the smoke as they left. "Once you came out to the hallway, it smacked you in the face."

Movie-goers were promised a refund for their tickets. No injuries were reported. Check back for more information.