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Sheriff's race recount on Tuesday
No recount requested for Tax Commissioner race
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Sheriff Jeff Wigington in the audience on Saturday as the Board of Elections certifies the results. Wigington reviews his letter requesting a recount. - photo by Michelle Kim

 The vote has been certified by the Rockdale County Board of Elections and an automatic recount will take place for the Sheriff's race on Tuesday, since the results fell under the 1 percent margin.

After counting provisional and last minute absentee ballots on Friday, first time Democratic challenger and Rockdale County Sheriff's Office Deputy Eric Levett had a total of 18,760 votes or 50 percent to five-term Republican incumbent Sheriff Jeff Wigington’s 18,726 votes or 49.9 percent. The difference was 34 votes.

On Saturday, Sheriff Jeff Wigington also submitted a brief letter drafted by his attorney requesting a recount. No candidate from the Tax Commissioner's race requested a recount before the deadline of certification on Saturday. The Tax Commissioner's race had a difference of 1.1 percent.

Though it was a formality, the three member Board of Elections voted 2-1 on the recount for the sheriff's race, with Democratic member Karen James voting against. When asked why she voted that way, James said, "I felt that the results of the count are accurate. A thorough job had been done."

Wigington, when asked if he was surprised by the results, said "I figured it would be close, but you never know... We're just going to wait and see what the recount shows."

The sheriff's race recount will take place on Tuesday, since Monday is Veteran's Day observed, starting at 9:30 a.m. at the Board of Elections Office, 1400 Parker Road, Lobby C.