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Sheriff's Office designates safe sale locations for in-person transactions
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The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office is offering the use of its headquarters parking lot and lobby for residents looking for safe places to conduct transactions arranged online. 

The RCSO wants to provide people who need a safe meeting place the opportunity to use the Sheriff’s Office locations as a meeting point.  The Sheriff’s Office does not want to intrude on a person’s private business transaction, but does want to offer people a safe location for the business transaction to take place.  

While deputies will not be available to watch over personal business transactions, the intent is to offer a known safe location in an attempt to enhance personal safety during such transactions. Citizens are encouraged to utilize the parking lot or lobby of any of the RCSO locations listed below:

RCSO Headquarters- 911 Chambers Drive-24 hours daily

Rockdale County Jail- 2385 Sigman Industrial Court-24 hours daily

RCSO Southside precinct- 3552 Hwy 20- 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily  

All over the state of Georgia and the United States, tragic stories of death and robbery have been seen on the news. People are being placed in harm’s way while conducting business transactions from online classified advertisements. 

 The dangers of robberies increase on these transactions because most transactions are “cash only.”  The other inherent danger with online transaction is the meeting of unfamiliar people in unfamiliar locations.

“I want our citizens to have a safe place to meet to conduct business transactions that are initiated online,” said Sheriff Eric Levett.  “In today’s time, more people are utilizing online sites to buy and sell items than ever before. As the Sheriff, I want to be proactive in keeping our citizens safe.  To do that, I want to encourage everyone who needs a safe meeting place to utilize one of the Sheriff’s Office buildings."