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Second board of equalization to be formed
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Rockdale County is looking at forming a second Board of Equalizaiton, which hears challenges to property tax assessments, to process more cases next year.

Rockdale County Clerk of Superior and State Courts Ruth Wilson came before the Board of Commissioners to propose the formation of the second board of equalizations.

State law allows one board of equalization for every 10,000 property parcels and Rockdale County has approximately 35,000 property parcels, according to Wilson.

"This would enable the cases to be scheduled more expeditiously," she said.

Currently there is one board with three members appointed for three year terms and three alternate members. The members are currently nominated by former board members and approved by a grand jury. However Wilson said her office is taking a look at the nominating process.

With changes in the tax assessment process mandated by state law this year, it's anticipated there will be an increased number of cases next year, said Wilson.

"I can’t tell you for sure how the public will react. It would not be a surprise in the increase in the number of hearings," she said.

Wilson said having a second board would not cost any more than one board because there would still be the same number of cases heard. Board members are paid a per diem of $50 a day.

The Board of Commissioners is expected to vote on the formation of a second Board of Equalization at their Sept. 27 meeting, at 10 a.m.

If the second board is approved, it will not start hearing cases until after the members receive state training in 2012.