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Scam using name of Newton County Sheriff's Office employees
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The Newton County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of a financial scam making the rounds in the area.

In this scam, an unknown caller will contact people and say they are calling from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office because a bench warrant has been issued for the person being called due to a missed traffic court date. The offense is usually for speeding, which was detected by a traffic camera.

The caller has used names of former and/or current NCSO employees during the calls. The caller then states that the warrant will be recalled if a payment is made over the telephone. The caller then directs the victim to purchase a Green Dot Money Pak Pre-Paid card at a local Walgreens, Walmart or other such store for a certain dollar amount.

The victim is then given a court date in the near future in a courtroom at the Newton County Judicial Center. During the call the caller uses names of local Judges in Newton County. Please be advised THIS IS A SCAM. The Sheriff’s Office does NOT collect traffic fines over the telephone. If you receive a call like this just hang up and then call 911 to make a report.