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Salem Road surge shows results
The “heat map” shows changes in crime activity (burglary, car theft, car break-ins, robbery) over the past three months, Sept. 21-Dec. 20. The RCSO surge in the Salem Road area started the last week of November and has been in place for about a month. Areas of blue show decreases in crime activity. Areas of orange and yellow show slight increases. - photo by Courtesy of the RCSO/The News

RCSO targets Salem Road (Nov. 25, 2013)

After completing one month of a "surge" in law enforcement presence in the Salem Road corridor, the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office reports a significant decrease in crimes such as burglary, motor vehicle theft, car break-ins, and robberies for the entire area surrounding Salem Road.

Some results from the surge include:

Traffic stops: 1,041. In those traffic stops, the RCSO issued 274 citations in the area. Approximately 74 percent of vehicles stopped resulted in warnings, and no further action was taken.

Arrests: 128. Of these arrests made, 14 have been on felony drug charges. An additional nine arrests have been other felony arrests. And 20 arrests have been made of people with active warrants.

Drugs/Weapons/Stolen Vehicles: Various drug arrests, three weapons recovered. Two stolen tags and a stolen vehicle have also been recovered in the area.

Rockdale Sheriff Eric Levett said the RCSO would be taking a holistic, multifaceted approach to addressing crime and blight.

"As the RCSO continues efforts in the area, we will be working with Rockdale County Code Enforcement and the Conyers Rockdale Economic Development Authority to collaborate on improving the quality of life, safety, and sustainability for the entire area."

Previously, Levett said that after this effort, the RCSO would continue its increased presence in Salem Road and other high-crime areas, with specialized units such as the Criminal Interdiction Unit and Task Force, as well as concentrated patrol efforts of zone units.