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RWR presents 2010 report
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The Rockdale County Board of Commissioners work session on Tuesday at the J.P. Carr Center was all about water and how to put a plug in the Rockdale Water Resources drainage of capital.

RWR Director Dwight Wicks gave a quick presentation on the 2010 annual report, which was made available in a 46-page booklet to the attending public.

Wicks showed some slides on budget comparisons, focusing on the years after 2008.

Rockdale County Water Resources had a budget of $24,121 million in 2009, $26,682,983 in 2010 and $24,474,365 in 2011. Those numbers were compared with capital assets. In '09 there was $192,688,588 in capital assets and $186,149,111 in '10.

"We have continued to lose money," Wicks said. "We've been averaging losing anywhere from four to six million a year in fixed assets; this is depreciation of fixed assets and we're not able to replace them in capital.

"This is a trend that as we come to you on 2012, certainly has to stop. Our capital assets, which we pay for in capital investments, include our reservoir, our water distribution system, our waste water treatment plant, our water treatment plant and our collection system. Without investments in htose assets, they're going to continue to deteriorate. It's extremely important that we stop this trend as we're going negative."

After the presentation on the 2010 annual report, the board went over new business on the agenda for Sept. 13 including insurance providers by Chief of Staff Greg Pridgeon.

The board was also presented with a proposal by Cynthia Welch to conduct the general election on Nov. 8. Welch said they were in agreement with the city of Conyers, which has its three city council seat elections, thus far unopposed. Van Ness asked if there needed to be an election if the candidates are unopposed and Welch responded that there is still time for a write in candidate and the issue of alcohol sales could be placed on the ballot pending discussions by Conyers on Wednesday.

The Board of Commissioners was also presented with a request to formally reject bid proposals on video photography and pipe cleaning for the storm water utility division, stating that the proposed company did not have the appropriate experience with sewage units.

The meeting also started out with recognition of the Rockdale Riptides Lifeguards.

A group of six Rockdale County lifeguards earned second place in the GRPA State Lifeguard Competition recently and were given special certificates of recognition from county Chairman Richard Oden and Commissioners Janice Van Ness and Oz Nesbitt. The six lifeguards who represented Rockdale were Nick Stanley, Miranda and Melanie Wright, Chris Reinhardt, Logan Gunsenhauser and Jeremy Reeves.