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Rockdale school system scores higher than state on CCRPI
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Rockdale public schools scored higher than the state as a system on the newly released Georgia College and Career Ready Performance Index, which measures schools and school districts on a 100 point scale. Rockdale's middle schools averaged slightly lower than the state and high schools averaged lower than the state average. The CCRPI is the new accountability system that replaces the No Child Left Behind Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) measurement in Georgia. The U.S. Department of Education granted Georgia's waiver from NCLB on Feb. 9, 2012.

The state's average score for each level is:
State Average - 72
Elementary School - 73.2
Middle School - 73.5
High School - 68.7

Rockdale County Public Schools' results are:
District - 72.9
Elementary School - 77.2
Middle School - 73.3
High School - 66.2

"We are pleased that our elementary scores remain well above the state and our middle schools have held steady with the state average, although our overall results followed the state trend of a slight decrease," said Superintendent Richard Autry. "Our scores continue to indicate the need to focus on improvements at the high school level. While we are starting to better understand the state measures for this new accountability system, we realize that we must focus more on where a student starts and ends, looking at progress and growth. We must also change how we monitor that progress for each student throughout the school year. We appreciate that this complex accountability system uses multiple measures of school success and will take the necessary time to analyze the data so that we can celebrate our successes and pinpoint our challenges."

Last year, for the scores released in 2013, the RCPS district score was 76 while the state score was 75.8

Rockdale elementary schools scored 78.9 and state 78.5 in 2013.

Rockdale middle schools scored 77.7 versus 75 state-wide in 2013

Rockdale high schools scored 70.6 versus 72 state-wide in 2013.

The scores released in 2012 were for the pilot year, 2011-2012, that had assessments that were a slightly different formula.


Interpreting the CCRPI results

The CCRPI was designed to help parents and the public better understand how schools are performing in a more comprehensive manner than the pass/fail system previously in place under AYP.

"While decreasing CCRPI scores are disappointing, they are not unexpected," Ga. Superintendent Dr. John Barge said. "This index is still relatively new and demands different areas of focus for our schools. Improvements will not happen overnight, but the CCRPI is giving them a roadmap to tailor an education that is student-centered and one that will ensure they are college and career ready."

The Index includes scores that indicate how a school is doing on a 100 point scale.

A school and district's overall score is made up of three major areas: Achievement (60 points possible), Progress (25 points possible) and Achievement Gap (15 points possible). In addition to the three major areas, some schools receive "Challenge Points" to add to their score (up to 10 points). They receive these points if they have a significant number of Economically Disadvantaged students, English Learner students and Students with Disabilities meeting expectations. They also receive points for going beyond the targets of the CCRPI by challenging students to exceed expectations and participate in college and career readiness programs. Beginning in 2013-2014, schools will also receive ratings based on their financial efficiency and school climate, but these ratings will be for the public's information only and will not factor into the school's overall CCRPI score.

The Index supports the state's and district's core educational principles:
exemplary student achievement that prepares all for success in college and careers
effective teaching and leadership in all schools
innovative school improvement, particularly in low performing schools
reduction in the duplicative reporting requirements for local school districts

What is college and career readiness?

The Index has been designed around a comprehensive definition of college and career readiness, or the level of achievement required in order for a student to enroll in two- or four-year colleges and universities and technical colleges without remediation, fully prepared for college-level work and careers. This means that all students graduate from high school with both rigorous content knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge.

NCLB Waiver

As part of the waiver, the Georgia Department of Education began identifying Priority Schools, Focus Schools, and Reward Schools. Achievement data from all core content areas and graduation rate data were used to identify these schools. These Priority Schools and Focus Schools replaced Needs Improvement schools. Reward Schools - highest performing and high progress - replaced the Distinguished Schools designation.

Georgia also identified Alert Schools in three categories: Subgroup Alert Schools, Subject Alert Schools, and Graduation Alert Schools. These Alert Schools were identified based on a more detailed evaluation of subgroup performance.