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Robbers flee into RCSO traffic stop
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Jacquille Chisolm and Keyanah Smith

Robbers struck a pizza store New Year's morning using a fake gun and sock and then ran straight into a Rockdale County Sheriff's Office traffic stop after being followed by a brave pizza store employee who refused to let them get away with the crime.

Jacquille Eltonio Chisolm, 24, of Covington, and Keyanah Smith, 19, of Conyers, who was driving the car, were both charged with armed robbery.

The suspects struck the Domino's pizza store near Honey Creek, on Ga. Highway 20, on Jan. 1 around 2 a.m.

According to Rockdale County Sheriff's Office reports, a black male and black female, later identified as Chisolm and Smith, came into the store two times without ordering anything and asking what time the store closed.

When the couple came in the third time, Chisolm reportedly pointed a sock at employees with an object inside shaped like a gun and demanded money.

The suspects left with money from the store and an employee's cell phone, "so that she couldn't call 911," and got into a blue Ford Focus parked behind the store.

A 31-year-old employee tried to slow their escape by moving her own vehicle, a Toyota Camry, to try to block them in.

"After she blocked them in, she herself exited out of her Camry and the black female driver of the blue Ford Focus then backed up and hit the passenger side door area of her Camry in an attempt to leave."

The employee then tried to hit the Focus's windows with her hands, but the suspects were able to pull out of the parking lot.

The employee got back into her Camry and caught up with the suspects as they drove south on Ga. 20.

Both cars approached a traffic checkpoint set up by the RCSO on Ga. 20. By that point dispatchers had sent out an alert of an armed robbery at the Domino's.

When the Ford Focus pulled up to the stop, the employee in the Camry right behind yelled out to deputies, "That's them, the people in that blue car right in front of me are the ones that just robbed us at Domino's Pizza. I'm a taxpayer. Please stop them; don't let them get away! They just robbed us!"

Deputies ordered the suspects to get out of the car, but Chisolm, who was in the front passenger seat, just stared straight ahead.

The suspects were taken out of the car, handcuffed and searched. In Chisolm's jacket pocket, deputies found a sock with a hard piece of black foam material that was cut into the shape of a gun.

They also found the store's money and a Bible in the suspects' vehicle. The cell phone that had been taken was not located that night.

The 31-year-old Domino's employee who had followed the suspects was reportedly shaking and visibly upset. "She apologized several times for stuttering and being shaken up emotionally about the robbery that just occured," wrote the reporting deputy.

Her right hand was cut and swollen from trying to slow down the Ford Focus earlier. She was treated at the scene but refused to be taken to the hospital because she didn't know how she would pay for treatment if she needed treatment, she said.  

Both Chisolm and Smith were booked into the Rockdale County jail.