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ResuMAY offers help to the unemployed
Program will provide podcasts, other online resources
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Resume writing is a peculiar skill. We learn the basics late in high school and sometimes more in a random college course, but the memory of those skills are often forgotten as soon as we land our first real job. For others, the ability was never learned at all.

With that in mind, State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said today the Georgia Department of Labor is launching a month-long effort to help job seekers improve their chances for employment that focuses on resumes.

The program is called ResuMAY. Under the program, the department will provide resources including a live on-line chat scheduled for May 25 devoted to resumes, a series of new on-line resume-writing podcasts, and new on-line resources and marketing materials for job seekers to download.

Local career centers and other one-stop centers will offer resume-writing services. Some activities include workshops, employer-led feedback discussions, resume contests, and one-on-one resume sessions. ResuMAY is targeted to general job seekers, older workers, professionals and long-term unemployed.

Even those who feel like they are proficient in resume writing would do well to take advantage of the program. It never hurts to reaffirm that you are sending out the proper information. With so many job seekers in Georgia, it could be the difference between a job and unemployment.

What do you guys think? Should do you think the program will be beneficial? Sound off below.

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