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Resident brings job fair for locals, March 4
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Rockdale County resident Thomas Chastain was tired of seeing his family, friends and other fellow Rockdale citizens without jobs.

Not getting many answers from some of the local officials about the lack of jobs in the area, Chastain decided to take matters into his own hands.

"I asked politicians what they were going to do to help the jobless situation in Rockdale, and I didn't get any response," said Chastain. "All they said was there jobs people just aren't applying to them."

So about six months ago, 26-year-old Chastain started Rockdale Jobs Group, a Facebook group where he would post available Rockdale and Conyers job listings. Chastain, who works full-time at a chemical plant based in Atlanta, says he would post at least 40 to 50 job listings a day.

"Everybody (isn't) savvy on the internet. Everybody don't know where to go to look for a job," he said.

The group has led to at least 330 people local residents find employment in the county, says Chastain.

"It started with me posting, but now it's more," he said.

Now, Chastain is hoping to expand on the opportunities for locals to find jobs by hosting the "1st Annual Jobs Fair."
The job fair, sponsored by Veterans of Foreign Wars and Georgia College and Construction, will feature 15 local businesses, staffing agencies and the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office looking to fill about 170 job openings with either Rockdale or Newton County citizens, says Chastain.

There will also be a financial advisory booth for people looking for tips on how to better manage their money and information about obtaining a GED.

A big selling point for the jobs at the fair is that majority of the business are hiring people with criminal records or no GED.

"That was big outreach on my group," said Chastain. "We made sure to reach out specifically to these companies that would because we know that's a big issue right now."

Chastain estimates that 600 to 800 people may attend the event.

"There's no benefit to me, other than the congratulations I get from people when they find a job," Chastain said.
The job fair will be held Wednesday, Mar. 4, at Conyers VFW-Post 5290, 1423 VFW Drive, Conyers from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission is free to attend and prospective employees should bring multiple copies of their resume and dress the part.