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Re: Closed forums
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I read the letter to the editor entitled "Closed Forums." I enjoy The Rockdale News. It is a refreshing alternative to the other newspaper. First, I would like to let Mr. Meyer know that I am a Black voter and resident of Rockdale County and he does not speak for me. Secondly, Mr. Nesbitt does not owe me an apology. I went back and re-read the article to see if I missed anything the first time I read it. In my opinion and in clear printed form, the article did not suggest in any way that it was an "open to the public" meeting. Mr. Meyer's interpretation of the article is misguided. Additionally, you state that the Democratic Party just assumed how those who are opposed to the health care bill would conduct themselves. They don't have to assume; it is played out in the media daily. Instead of listening and trying to understand each side of the debate, the opponents only feel there is just one side — their side. Lastly, I doubt if The Rockdale News will fold up and go away any time soon.