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RCSO arrests 18 in warrant roundup

The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office recently completed a warrant roundup that resulted in 18 arrests.

On August 6-7, 2013, the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office Judicial Services Bureau Warrants and Civil Division performed a concentrated warrant roundup that specifically targeted some of the highest crime areas within Rockdale County. In total, 18 suspects were arrested over the 2-day period. Of the 18 suspects, 5 had felony charges and 13 had misdemeanor charges. A total of 26 warrants were cleared.

"Concentrated efforts like this warrant roundup are part of the overall strategy to combat crime in Rockdale County," said Sheriff Eric Levett. "We continuously go after criminals with active arrest warrants, but we also look at crime in the community and identify those areas that we need to target for a special warrant roundup. This not only increases the presence of law enforcement in the area, but also allows us to get these offenders off our streets."

Those arrested for felony charges were: Gregory Caraway, James Cumbie, John Jackson, Travis Johnson and Byron Tillis. Arrests for misdemeanor charges were made on: Hugo Arrecis, Brandi Blagg, Brad Bramblett, Terry Brown, Daryl Fleming, Xavier Ford, Johnny Johnson, Jason Nickerson, Johnny Penn, Jose Pimentel, James Richards, Angela Thomas and Elizabeth Trepanowski.