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RCPS to cut 6 staff days for $3.3M savings
Public feedback on 2 calendar options until April 20
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Calendar survey website:

Changes to RCPS gifted program on hold (March 16, 2011)

Rockdale County school board is looking at cutting six staff and faculty days in 2011-2012, as part of budget cuts, and is considering two calendar options which were presented at the school board work session Thursday night. 

The first option would spread out the cut days by eliminating what were formerly early release days and teacher work days on September 29 and 30 and March 15 and 16 and two post planning days on May 29 and 30. This option would give 178 instructional days to students. The last day of school for students would be May 24.

The second option would essentially end the school year early by cutting May 22-25, 29, and 30. That would give 176 instructional days to students, and the last day of school for students would be May 18. The last day for teachers would be May 21. There is some question as to when graduation would be held.

The options will be posted for public feedback from April 15 - 20 on the RCPS website or

The school board will vote on being able to adopt an altered calendar at the April 21 meeting.

Chief Academic Officer Rich Autry said the calendar committee, made up of school personnel and parents, was reconvened to come up with two calendar options that would cut six days.

The six day reduction would save the school system about $3.3 million.

The paycheck reductions would be spread out over 12 months, with a half day's worth taken out of each month, according to Financial Officer Lee Davis.

School board Chair Wales Barksdale expressed concern with the second option and whether students would return for graduation and teachers would stay to work on graduation ceremonies. "I would like to see minimal impact on students," he said. 

The calendar cuts are part of efforts to address an approximately $15 million shortfall the school system is anticipating in the  2012 fiscal year. According to Davis, there is a projected gap of approximately $10.4 million in state funds and $4.5 million in local funds from property taxes.

The budget committee proposed about $13 million in cuts so far, includng a reduction of about 7.5 teacher positions, mostly at the high school level, and elimination of elementary and middle school summer programs in 2012, and continuing to suspend alternative retirement contributions for the second year.

The school system cut about $10 million in FY 2011 and $4 million in FY 2010.

"There is no excess in this budget," said Lee. "When we cut, we're cutting bone."

Lee said salaries and benefits make up about 90 percent of the RCPS budget.

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(April 14, 8:56 p.m.) IN BRIEF: Changes to Program Challenge, the Rockdale County Public Schools elementary gifted program, will be tabled for the coming school year while more research is done, according to Chief Academic Officer Rich Autry. (Click here for full story)

In other RCPS business, the school system will also remain with the integrated math curriculum in high school for the coming school year.

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RCPS 2011-12 Calendar Option 1
RCPS 2011-12 Calendar Option 2