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QT armed robbery suspects arrested
Antoine Devon Foster

Quick response and investigation from local law enforcement resulted in the arrest of three Stone Mountain men suspected in the early Saturday morning armed robbery of the QuikTrip on Klondike Road near West Avenue.

The professed "getaway" driver was apprehended Saturday morning after wrecking the car while trying to flee at speeds over 100 mph on Highway 138, according to police.

The incident began when a Conyers police officer happened to pull into the parking lot around 2:45 a.m.and saw two  men with T-shirts wrapped around their faces fleeing the convenience store.

The officer chased the men on foot through the parking lot of McDonalds. After losing sight of the men and hearing a car drive away from the former parking lot of the Longhorns restaurant, the officer returned to the store to learn the men had entered brandishing a gun and fled with only about $75.

Police caught up with the getaway car driving without headlights on Iris Drive but the vehicle fled when an officer approached.

According to reports, officers continued pursuit but temporarily lost sight of the vehicle before Rockdale County Sheriffs deputies located the wrecked and abandoned car in the woods near the intersection of O'Neal Road, Ga. Highway 138 and Tucker Mill Road.

According to CPD Lt. Jack Dunn, it was about 30 minutes later when Antoine Devon Foster, 18, emerged from the woods and was apprehended. Dunn said Foster admitted to being the driver.

Shortly after the arrest, another officer reported seeing two men fitting the description of the suspects at the Comfort Inn. It was a phone call made from the hotel that tracked the two suspects to a Stone Mountain residence.

With assistance from the DeKalb County Gang Task Force, Conyers police arrested Alphonso Watts III, 20, and Darrelle Marranzo Robinson, 19, Monday night without incident. 

All three suspects were charged with armed robbery.

A search warrant served at their residence Tuesday night turned up evidence believed to be linked to other armed robberies in the metro Atlanta area.

Lt. Dunn said surveillance video and eyewitness descriptions from the robbery helped identify specific articles, including very unique shoes, found at the Stone Mountain residence where Watts and Robinson were arrested. The identification cards of Watts and Robinson were also found in the wrecked getaway car.