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Purr-fect Playtime

The zoo is always a good time, but the great thing about Zoo Atlanta is that there is always, always something extra to do there. This Saturday is no exception, with the annual Play the Animal Way event, which turns wild animals into housecats and other examples of animals that wouldn’t eat your face if you fell in their pen. Apparently, even tigers and kangaroos like playing with balls, and along with checking out the super cool animals Saturday, you can watch them investigate treats in colorful balls, and even try out a few fun activities yourself. None of which will involve getting inside animal cages. One of the most interesting activities – at least it sounds that way to me – is learning to paint like an elephant. I’m envisioning a bunch of people with paintbrushes shoved up their noses, but that’s probably not totally accurate. Go this weekend and you can tell me all about it. If you paint with your nose, you had better share some pictures!


Price: Free with admission