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Probate judge faces more lawsuits
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Three more cases involving Charles K. Mays, Sr., who is also the elected Probate Judge of Rockdale County, were heard in Rockdale Magistrate Court today, resulting in one case being thrown out and two cases having limited awards against Mays and the Mays family.

The cases were heard by Judge Curtis Miller of DeKalb County Magistrate Court. Miller was sitting in for Rockdale's Magistrate Court judges, who recused themselves because the matter involved a judge sitting in the same circuit.

In one case, Mays tried to evict contractor Rodney Scott.

Scott had won a lawsuit against Mays in November for work and materials renovating a condominium that Scott lived in and that was owned by the Mays family. Mays was ordered to pay Scott about $10,000 and Scott was ordered to pay any remaining rent and to move out by November 30.

On Dec. 5, Mays filed an appeal of that judgement; that appeal is still pending. However, Mays also filed a disposessory against Scott, seeking to carry out the judgement that Mays had appealed.

In Magistrate Court on Wednesday, Judge Miller explained multiple times to Mays, who was representing the Mays Family Trust, that the appeal Mays filed caused the November 30 deadline to no longer apply since the judgement was suspended during the appeals process.

Miller threw out the dispossessory case.

In another case, about $3,000 was awarded to the Viewpointe East Condominium Association, which was suing Charles K. Mays, Jr. for about $10,000 in unpaid association fees.

The president of the Viewpointe East Condominium Association, contractor Mike Zanetti, also sued Charles Mays Sr. for about $2,500 of tools that were allegedly taken and unpaid wages for supervisory work he did for Mays on a contract for the Marriott hotel in Conyers, near Home Depot.

The claim for the tools was dismissed due to lack of evidence, and one of three work invoices - about $300 worth - was awarded.