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Primary Runoff Results
Hilton Todd
Todd Hilton

With all Rockdale precincts reporting, except for provisional ballots, here are the unofficial local results for State Rep. District 94, State Rep. District 95, and State Senate District 17, and local turnout for the Republican gubernatorial candidate runoffs.

(Local results are in bold, followed by state-wide results.)

6,820 ballots cast, 14.53% of registered voters

State Rep. District 94, Democrat
(covers parts of Rockdale and DeKalb counties)

Dar'Shun Kendrick 210; with 99% precincts state wide 740 (69.2%)

Rhonda Peek 105: with 99% precincts state wide 329 (30.8%)


State Rep. District 95, Democrat
(covers parts of Rockdale, Newton and Gwinnett counties)

Pam Dickerson 162: with 75% of precincts state wide 646 (53.3%)

Toney Collins 139: with 75% of precincts state wide 566 (46.7%)


State Senate District 17, Republican
(covers parts of Walton, Newton, Henry, Spalding and Rockdale counties)

Rick Jeffares 688; with 99% of precincts state wide 10,708 (60.1%)

Todd Hilton 611: with 99% of precincts state wide 7,108 (39.9%)


Governor, Republican

Karen Handel  3,062; with 67% of precincts state wide reporting 212,514 (48.8 %)

Nathan Deal  2,502;  with 67% of precincts state wide reporting 223,022 (51.2 %)

Rockdale voters chose their final primary candidates in three local state races and five state-wide races in Tuesday night's runoff.

About 6,800 voters, or 14.5 percent of all registered voters in Rockdale, turned out for the Aug. 10 runoff. Some candidates led with by less than 200 votes.

House District 95

In the Ga. House District 95 race, former Delta flight attendant and Rockdale resident Pam Dickerson had 646 (53.3%) votes to 566 (46.7%) votes for incumbent Toney Collins, with 75% of the precincts reporting. The remaining precincts as of Tuesday evening were early in-person voting and mail absentee voting for Gwinnett county.

"We have worked very hard," said Dickerson, adding that she was still numb with disbelief at the moment.

"My volunteers were out there making the phone calls, doing everything that we could. I hope we got my message out that this race is not about me but about the people."

Incumbent Toney Collins said he had heard about the results through the evening. “We’ll see what the official results are. I want to tell the people that voted for me, thank you. For two years, I’ve tried to help others in the healthcare issue in bringing in a new beginning for the 95 district."

"I just believe what happened in the primary showed I do have a good support base," he said. "I just hope her team can do what she needs and push forward.”

If Dickerson's majority holds, she faces Republican candidate Rodney Upton in November.

House District 94

In Ga. House District 94, attorney Dar'Shun Kendrick won by a landslide over former legislative aide Rhonda Peek with 740 (69.2%) to 329 (30.8%).

"I’m very proud and humbled the 94th district has trusted me with this nomination," said Kendrick. "I said I wanted to work hard for the district... I’m ready to work and move forward into November."

She will face the Republican candidate, attorney Steven Conner, in November.

Senate District 17

In Senate District 17, which covers all of Newton and parts of Walton, Rockdale, Henry and Spalding counties, former Henry County Commissioner Rick Jeffares was leading by a wide margin with 10,708 (60.1%) to 7,108 (39.9%) for Social Circle Schools technology director Todd Hilton, with 99 percent of the precincts reporting.

"We're humbled right now," said Jeffares by phone, as he was caught in the midst of celebrating with his family.

Hilton said he was relieved and pleased with the way he had run his campaign. He pointed out that he had not asked for donations and had not run a negative campaign.

“I’m very happy with the way things went the whole race. Rick ran a good clean race and he’ll represent the district well,” said Hilton

“I am delayed, not defeated," he added.

Jeffares will go on to face Democrat Jim Nichols in November.