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Pool-side assault erupts
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An assault on a Heritage student nearly turned into a hit-and-run during a fight by the pool of a Rockdale apartment complex.

Around 6:20 PM June 2, a 16-year-old  who had just moved into an apartment complex off Rockmont Circle was reportedly attacked by another female at the apartment complex's pool.

According to Rockdale Sheriff's Office reports, the teen was sitting by the pool talking with friends when she reportedly heard her attacker, whom she said she barely knew from school, mention her name on the phone. This was followed seconds later with something to the effect of "I'll handle it."

The attacker then approached the teen and "had words for her."

"[The victim] stated that [the attacker] flipped a table over on her and than [sic] being punching her in the face while pulling her chair. She stated the girl pulled her hair so hard she pulled her out of the chair onto the ground. [The victim] stated the girl continued to punch her in front of other people including adults but no one stepped in," wrote the reporting deputy.

A bystander reportedly recorded the incident on his cell phone. The footage showed the girls fighting and maintenance personnel coming towards them, telling them to stop fighting.

The attacker left and the victim then went to tell her mother about the incident, who quickly came outside and reportedly noticed the attacker sitting in a red Toyota Camry. The mother went and stood behind the car to retrieve the license plate number.

At this point, another black female emerged from a black SUV marked next to the Camry. This female was reportedly very irate with the mother and began to tell her that she could not stop the attacker from leaving.

The attacker reportedly backed out of the parking space, driving backwards through the parking lot all the way to another building in the complex. The driver left the parking lot at high speed and reportedly "swerved toward [the victim's mother] as if she wanted to hit her with the vehicle," wrote the reporting deputy.

The victim told deputies that she "had words" with her attacker's very close friend from Heritage just before school ended.

The victim's mother then indicated her daughter wasn't feeling well, and she planned to take her to the hospital.

The pool was reportedly closed for three days after the incident.