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Police warn against leaving cars unlocked
The Conyers Police Department has reminded everyone to keep their cars locked

CONYERS- The Conyers Police Department wants to remind everyone to lock their cars doors when leaving the vehicle unattended, especially overnight.

According CPD spokesperson Kim Lucas, since school let out for summer break, there have been several reports of items being taken from people’s vehicles. The thefts are mostly occurring overnight at residential areas, such as Bridal ridge and North Ridge.  

Lucas says the suspect(s) are targeting only unlocked vehicles.

“The suspect or suspects are just flipping door handles to see which are open,” she said. “Just take precaustios to lock your doors. Don’t leave anything of value of your car, or at least don’t let it been seen.”

Some people may leave their door unlocked because they don’t want potential thieves to break their car window, says Lucas, but that isn’t the case in this situation. 

“I can understand that, but that’s the trend. The suspect or suspects are just flipping door handles,” she said. 

She says that whoever is committing the crimes wouldn’t want to break a car window because that’s “going to make a lot of noise” and “attract attention.”

 These recent crimes are affecting the CPD’s crime stats as well. Before the rash of thefts started in May, crime in the city was down compared 2014 at the same point. Now, the annual crime stats are beginning to “even out” with last year’s numbers. 

From February to April, the CPD average about two or three incidents per month of entered auto thefts. Each incident report may have more than one reported theft. From May to the halfway point in June, those numbers have tripled.

The CPD thinks the suspects are teenagers who may be out of school for the summer. 

“Just take that extra second and lock your doors and activate your alarm,” said Lucas. “Hopefully you won’t have to call us first thing in the morning when you realized your car’s been broken into.”