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Pile-up with police car on West Ave.
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IN BRIEF: A Conyers police patrol officer on a routine traffic stop found himself suddenly sandwiched between two vehicles when a black Toyota Avalon rear-ended his patrol car Friday. The officer luckily escaped serious injury. The driver of the Avalon was transported to the hospital.

Officer Anthony Cook had pulled over a white Ford F-150 truck during a traffic stop at the former Exxon station on West Avenue shortly before 3 p.m. Friday. A woman apparently heading south on West Avenue pulled into the empty Exxon station, smashing into the back of the patrol car, which crashed into the back of the white Ford F-150, according to CDP Capt. Mike Waters.

Cook suffered a cut on the back of his head and lip but was able to walk away from the crash. The passenger of the Ford reportedly complained of back pain. The driver of the Toyota Avalon was prepared for transport to the hospital via ambulance.