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Our community is such a neat place. This past Wednesday a good number of residents turned up downtown to witness the "World's Fastest Growing St.Patrick's Day Parade" and to participate in "World's Shortest Endurance Run."

To claim to have the world's fastest growing parade and the world's shortest endurance race takes a lot of courage, humor and good spirit - of which we have no shortage of here. It's refreshing to see people who know how not to take themselves so seriously.

The good Lord must have laughed so hard at our local follies that surely those were tears of joy that fell on us from the sky.

Actually, the damp weather was in keeping with tradition, as the very first St. Patrick's Day Parade held in Conyers 25 years ago also saw rain and overcast skies.

A great deal of the participants of both activities stuck around and enjoyed the festivities and live music from the block party later in the grand day.
Yes, for sure we are fortunate to live in such a vibrant happy and prosperous place.